Monday, 28 December 2009

Well had a rough nite last night, needing my nebuliser a lot.

Saturday, 26 December 2009

Well guys chest still giving me trouble goin to do a neb now to c wether i can clear any of this rubbish away blog latez xx

starting blogging bout my health

hi it is dec 26 2009 and my chest is pretty bad, my mum rushed me to the hospital last nite where i had to stay for 4 hours. today still got this hacking cough and my chest really hurts coz of over working it last nite while being ill.

I should really tell you about myself so you understand the post lol.
Well my name is emma and i am 21 years old, i am studying psychology and sociology HEFC at newcastle college. i am a volunteer at voda and i love it, i like chocolate, shopping, going out with friends just the normal stuff.

The things is i am not a normal person, i suffer from type 1 brittle asthma. Brittle asthma is where my asthma is life threatening, i take 23 tablets in the morning and also i do 3 nebuliser treatments also i do an inhaler then at lunch time i do another 3 nebulisers, then again tea time nebulisers and at bed time 3 nebulisers and 4 tablets.

My day to day activites vary on how my chest is, i find it hard to dress myself as once i'm done i am very breathless, i struggle going up stairs and often have to either ask someone else to get what ever i needed or i go up slowly. I find walking really hard so i walk really slow which can be a bit embarresing when i am with my mates, i am often in hospital at least once a month generally my stays can vary between a few hours to two wks. i have been so ill in the past 4 years all together i have had 39 addmissions to ITU (INTENSE CARE UNIT) i have needed to be placed on life support 10 times in the last 4 years this is where a tube is put into my airways and attached to a machine which breaths for me dont worry they put me asleep so i am not in any pain.
My worse asthma attck was nov of 2008 where i was on life support for 3 days then the docs told my mum that they will try get me off it but they didn't think i would come off, but i proved them wrong. as soon as they woke me up i wanted the tube out so it was taken out then i spent 3 more days on HDU then went to the ward and 1 day on the ward i was allowed home. this was the closes i have come to dying from my asthma.

Dieing from my asthma is very really possiblity, my doctor can't say when but it is realistic to say that one day it will kill me. i am not afaird of dying i just don't want to, i find it really hard having this condition coz it stop me from living a normal life the simplys of things are 10x harder to do. I live at home with my parents and brother they are great i love them so much , if is wasnt for them i would already be dead.

Well thats why i have started this blog really for me to have somewhere i can put my thoughts down about my chest and the daily life of a brittle asthmatic